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From front line to management recruitment
Hope Construction Materials Ltd

Hope Construction is a leading independent construction materials supplier in the UK with a national footprint of over 160 operational sites, including the Hope cement works in Derbyshire, 5 quarries and 152 concrete plants. Employing over 900 colleagues, Hope needed to rationalise their recruitment support to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Ortolan was able to demonstrate to Hope Construction that we not only had the tools to support a diverse recruitment need (which ranged from quarry operatives to senior management roles), but we also had the experience within our team to add real value to their business. Having successfully filled some initial roles in 2013 using Ortolan’s services, Hope increased the number of assignments provided to Ortolan and have used us on a regular basis ever since. In order to better understand their requirements, we have spent time visiting Hope’s quarrying operations.

  • Hope Construction feel they have developed a strong rapport with the Ortolan team and like and trust the people they work with here.
  • Having measured Ortolan’s services against a number of competitors, Hope Construction concluded that in terms of both quality and value for money, Ortolan’s services came out on top.
  • Using the Ortolan Connect service offers Hope significant cost savings when compared with conventional agency recruitment solutions.
  • Whereas some recruiters are perceived as being somewhat aggressive in their approach, Hope has commended Ortolan on their collaborative and partnership approach to doing business.
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Hope started operating in 2013 and we had a lot of positions that we needed to fill. We initially relied on recruitment agencies and did a little bit of our own direct advertising, but wanted to explore more cost effective recruitment methods. We decided to try some “e-recruiters” to see how they could help. Ortolan were by far the best and also the most cost effective of the suppliers that we tried and we now ask for their help with virtually all of our external recruitment needs, because they provide a very personal and tailored service, have people, rather than computers, working on their candidate searches and short lists. Using Ortolan has significantly reduced our expenditure on attracting candidates, but has also meant that we have had a much broader range of people applying to work for us than before. I’d highly recommend trying Ortolan to see how they can help you.

Peter Spargo, HR Manager, Hope Construction Materials Ltd
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