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The Right Approach - Recruitment Advertising

It isn’t good enough to cut and paste a person specification or role profile, your job advert is key to getting the right person on board. We believe that they advert has to create desire, it has to be clear and concise, it has to have appeal. The key to the success of any business is its people – nothing should be more important that getting the right people in the right roles.

For many people, recruitment of new employees is associated with a costly, frustrating and time-consuming process. It is disruptive to the business and for these reasons, even seasoned professionals are prone to making impulsive decisions. You may be talking to someone who doesn’t quite seem to be the right fit, yet it is very easy to “just give it a shot” because this means that you can get back to focusing on all the other pressing and important items on your to do list.  

We have designed our range of services to take away some of the cost and time consuming part of the process. With your company brand and reputation at the heart of every campaign, we’ll create an advert, post it on over a dozen major job boards, and manage the first stage of the process of reading and reviewing all the applications.

You’ll just see those applicants that are a match. When conducting the shortlist for you we adopt the same approach that we would if we were acting as a conventional recruiter. Our experience tells us not to rule out applicants that don’t tick all the boxes. We understand that in areas where skills are in short supply that we need an open mind.

It is imperative that you start with a right approach, make a clear list of what skills and experience is essential and more importantly, why someone with these skills would want to join your team.

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Posted on 11/12/2018 by Ortolan

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Hope started operating in 2013 and we had a lot of positions that we needed to fill. We initially relied on recruitment agencies and did a little bit of our own direct advertising, but wanted to explore more cost effective recruitment methods. We decided to try some “e-recruiters” to see how they could help. Ortolan were by far the best and also the most cost effective of the suppliers that we tried and we now ask for their help with virtually all of our external recruitment needs, because they provide a very personal and tailored service, have people, rather than computers, working on their candidate searches and short lists. Using Ortolan has significantly reduced our expenditure on attracting candidates, but has also meant that we have had a much broader range of people applying to work for us than before. I’d highly recommend trying Ortolan to see how they can help you.

Peter Spargo, HR Manager, Hope Construction Materials Ltd
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