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Do I Need to Respond to Every Job Applicant?

In short – yes. We understand that one job advert can attract hundreds of job applications, leaving your inbox overloaded. However, common courtesy, brand protection and saving time in the long-run are important reasons to respond to every job applicant.

Common Courtesy
Applicants spend a considerable amount of time on preparing their CV and applying for roles. Many will spend hours on researching your company and tailoring their application. Out of respect for their efforts, they deserve a response. In addition, surveys consistently cite lack of communication between staff and management as the biggest frustration amongst employees today. Therefore, ensure that you company stands out from the crowd by communicating from the outset with prospective employees. All applicants should at least receive an acknowledgement that their application has been received. Better still, they should receive a confirmation that their CV has been reviewed and a decision made.

Brand Protection
Your company will likely spend thousands on carefully marketing and managing its brand and image. Candidates who receive a quick, polite and informative response will have a much better view of your company than those who hear nothing. Today, the average person changes jobs 10 - 15 times during his or her career. Therefore, you may need to impress them further down the line, particularly if unemployment levels remain low in the UK.  

Good Discipline
If we are committed to providing a yes/no response to each applicant, it encourages proper and timely job management. This reduces the chance of leaving job adverts running even though they may have been filled, clogging up your inbox with irrelevant applications.  

Save Time & Reduce Stress
By communicating with your candidates, you will avoid awkward phone calls and follow-up emails from those that have not been shortlisted. This will save you time at work, and reduce your stress levels, in the long run.

Any good recruitment company will use a secure online applicant tracking system to store all applications, thus reducing the number of emails hitting your inbox. In using a recruitment company such as Ortolan Connect, all applications are read, every candidate receives an acknowledgement that their application has been received, and all candidates are informed of the outcome. Responses can also be customised to reflect a company’s ethos and values.

If you would like to discuss how you can save time and protect your company’s brand when recruiting, call us on 020 3743 0600 or email 

Posted on 23 February, 2018 by Ortolan

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Thanks for your help with this - I have been really impressed with both the value and quality of your service. The quality of the applicants we have had via your work has been far, far higher than our original efforts! Feel free to quote me on this!

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