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Is Your Recruitment Process Working?

The pace of technological developments has changed recruitment. We as consumers have become accustomed to expect instant results in every aspect of our life. This is particularly true of millennials, who have grown up in an era of 24/7 access to the internet and social media. Gone are the days when a job advert provided a hard copy address to send your CV and covering letter to – now one click can ensure your CV is sent to the recruiter. With the rise of professional social media channels such as LinkedIn, some professionals also expect to be approached directly by recruiters. Some companies have not moved with the times, retaining a process which is slow, lacks engagement and is out of date.

Businesses should be thinking about their future recruitment strategy and how they can position themselves to make the application process as quick and as simple as possible, whilst at the same time retaining all the relevant checks and balances. Put yourself in the ideal candidate’s shoes – if you are unhappy in your current role and looking to move, you will likely apply for relevant jobs at multiple companies. Good people are driven and have strong CVs, therefore they will know that it’s simply a numbers game before they receive a job interview. If you receive a good-quality application, contact the candidate as soon as possible to arrange an interview before they are snapped up by a competitor.

Ease of Process
The unemployment rate in the UK fell to a new 42-year low of 4.2% in the three months to February 2018. Therefore good-quality candidates are likely to be already in a full-time job, juggling other commitments at the same time. Consider ditching application forms, cover letters or time-consuming processes, unless you’re targeting graduates who may have more time on their hands and are hungry for their first step on the ladder. If your company has traditionally asked people for two or even three face-to-face interviews, consider replacing the first with a telephone interview. Be flexible with the date and times of your job interviews – consider offering times outside of normal working hours.

With the drive for talent at an all time high, our next survey of in-house recruiters will be taking a look at how companies are adapting their processes to attract talent.

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Posted on 05/04/2018 by Ortolan

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